Moodlight Dolphin Bath Plug – LED Changing Light


A wonderful?dolphin moodlight bath plug to help relax and relieve the stresses of the day whilst soaking in the bathtub.

This cleverly designed dolphin contains water activated sensors that automatically turn on the colour changing LED lights when placed in the bath, so the dolphin moodlight will go through an array of mellow, calming colours while floating gently at the surface of the water.

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A delightful moodlight dolphin bath plug ?to help relax and relieve the stresses whilst soaking and enjoying your time in the bathtub.

The impressive sweet moodlight Dolphin Bath Plug with functional LED changing light is perfect for the long baths of you and your kids. The cool and calming design and functionality phase through an array of relaxing and soothing colours. It truly and uniquely enhances your bathing experience especially with the impressive effect of the LED lights which help to create a relaxing mood in the tub. It is a product for all ages, mostly aimed at kids who love the LED light effect and the dolphins in general.

Set the perfect ambience in your bath with this sweet dolphin bath plug with LED lights. Calming, refreshing for total relaxation. Exactly what you need at the end of a long day.

The dolphin bath plug achieves double effect: neat visual appearance because of the design and LED changing lights for relaxation and mood uplift. How? Because of the cleverly designed dolphin that contain water activated sensors that automatically turn on the colour changing LED lights when placed in the bath.

Soothing Mood Lights

When this novelty gift is placed in water, the dolphin mood light will change and reproduce smooth, calming colours while floating on?the surface of the water. The soothing mood lights in combination with a bathtub and some essential drops can really relax your senses and could be the perfect end to the weekend or long hard day. Or even just a great way to get the kids ?to jump right in!

Great Gift Idea

Don’t get confused when searching gifts for him or gifts for her. This gift can be for fun, but also has practical use in the bathroom. The moodlight Dolphin Bath Plug will ensure time spent soaking and relaxing is more enjoyable than ever. Get this unusual Gifts for your friends with kids, family or partner. A great gift for mum too, because mums might not always have time for a ?good old soak but they definitely deserve it! Maybe a great gift idea for valentines too, get ?a bit of romance going in the bathroom with the lighting appropriately set. All in all this is a pretty perfect gift!

Simple To Use

Place novelty dolphin bath plug in the water and enjoy your time in the bath.


The dolphin shaped light is battery powered, but as it is a sealed unit containing both batteries and LED lights, the batteries cannot be removed or replaced.

Please note that the Dolphin Moodlight Bath Plug is not a toy, and should be kept out of reach of small children.

The moodlight comes with a completely detachable bath plug and chain, suitable for all standard bath types.