Scratch Off Bucket Lists

At, we are delighted to be introducing our new range to you – Scratch Off Bucket Lists! These exciting new novelty gifts are for anyone and everyone who likes to collect memories and record their accomplishments. No matter what they love, you can find a gift they love when you give them a fun scratch off chart!   What are Scratch Off Bucket Lists? These fun novelty gifts are charts that comprise a list of 100 scratchable squares. Each chart has a [...]


How to accessorise at your office Christmas party

It’s that time of year again as Christmas rolls around. The workplace will soon become home to advent calendars, stockings, mile-long strings of tinsel and the company Christmas tree. Amongst all these decorations, your Christmas jumper-clad colleagues will no doubt be discussing the annual office Christmas party. Talks of food and presents will surely be a topic of discussion, while you can rely on everyone having put plenty of secret thought into planning their own outfit for the big [...]


Prosecco and Gin Pong – THE drinking games to play this Christmas

In the run up to Christmas, all eyes will be on making sure we have everything prepared for our festive celebrations. Turkeys will be ordered, tins of Quality Street will be stored away, while bottle upon bottle of everyone’s favourite drinks will be stockpiled. At Christmas, we sometimes neglect the entertainment aspect of the holiday. Spending all our time obsessing over the presents and the food, and relying on good ol’ charades and Pictionary to keep us entertained in the [...]


Our top 5 personalised gift picks

Whether its worrying that they won’t like it or trying to think if they already have it, we spend a lot of time looking for the perfect gift for that special someone. In fact, we spend too much time when you consider that we could just make life a whole lot easier and get them a gift that literally has their name on it! With our personalised gifts, you don’t just get a present with their name printed on it, but you can also [...]