Novelty Coasters – Set of 4 Prosecco Quotes


Novelty Coasters Quotes:

There’s too much tea in my prosecco

I only drink prosecco on days ending in y

I could give up prosecco but i’m not a quitter

Start the day with Tea and end it with prosecco

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Impress your guests and let them see your wild side with these Novelty Prosecco Coasters. This novelty homeware gift is essential for anyone who’s a fan of the bubbly stuff.?Set these 4 Novelty coasters out around the living room and feel like it’s always party time. Whether you’re actually toasting with a glass of prosecco, or you’re sipping on your evening cup of tea, you’ll love having these Novelty Prosecco Coasters around to avoid rings and marks on your favourite furniture.

This set of four coasters, each have a different quote about prosecco on them – “There’s too much tea in my prosecco”, “Start the day with tea, end it with prosecco”, “I only drink prosecco on days ending in ‘y'” and ” I could give up prosecco but I’m not a quitter”. No matter which hilarious quote your guests get to rest their glass/mug on, it’ll definitely get them in the party mood and brighten up a cuppa.

The Novelty Prosecco Coasters are a great gift for anyone who’s been known to love a glass of prosecco (which is pretty much everyone!). The perfect gift for Mother’s Day, or secret Santa present for your colleague, these prosecco coasters also make a great housewarming gift for any new arrivals in your neighborhood.