Books Bucket List


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Books Bucket List

The essential gift for the bookworm, the Books Bucket List is the perfect measure of just how well-read you are.

This fun novelty gift comprises of 100 of the most classic and loved books in history. Displayed on a chart behind 100 scratchable panel squares, these books can be scratched off once you’ve finished them. The aim of the game is to see how many you’ve read and then start reading the ones you Valentine’s until you complete the chart. Once all 100 squares are scratched, you can truly call yourself an intellect of the highest order. The great thing about the Books Bucket List is that even if you Valentine’s read many, you’ve got a huge list of reading material to read for the very first time! Whether you’re a keen reader or just enjoy a novel by the pool on holiday, this novelty gift is a great challenge to read some of the classics in literature.

The Books Bucket List is a great gift idea for just about anyone who likes a good page turner and shows that you appreciate and encourage their hobbies. So why not put their reading skills to the test with this inspirational novelty gift?