Album Bucket List


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Album Bucket List

How broad are your musical tastes? Find out for yourself with the Album Bucket List, a wallchart of 100 of the greatest albums ever recorded that you simply must listen to.

With 100 different albums to “try before you die”, this bucket list sets you the goal of listening to some of the most successful and well-loved albums of all time. The Albums Bucket List features a number of different genres, putting your musical tastes to the test and encouraging you to listen to a broad range of bands and artists. Once you’ve finished an album from the list, simply scratch off the appropriate panel on this inspiring wall chart and take one step closer to becoming a true musical expert.

This gift is an essential for any music-mad friends or family you have, while it’s also a great way to encourage someone who doesn’t know their Elton John from their Metallica to broaden their horizons. Great as a gift for all occasions, the Album Bucket List is sure to go down well with anyone and help them discover at least a few new artists that they love.