Movies Bucket List


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Movies Bucket List

Everybody loves a good movie and considers themselves a bit of a cinema buff. But how many of the renowned films on the Movies Bucket List have you seen?

Complete with 100 of the most successful and revered movies ever made, both classic and contemporary, the Movies Bucket List challenges you to experience the very best in cinema. No doubt you’ll have seen a number of these classics, but for those you haven’t, all you’ll need to do is watch the movie then scratch off the panel on the chart that relates to it. Once you’ve watched all 100 movies, scratched off the panels and completed your chart, you can truly call yourself a connoisseur of cinema. Whether you’re a fan of comedies, dramas or horrors, there’s a number of movies on the chart from every genre. Put your tastes to the test and see how many of cinema’s greatest movies are up your street!

The Movies Bucket List is a gift that will go down well with anyone who is a fan of the pictures. It makes for a great birthday gift or stocking filler at Christmas. Put your film snob friend to the test or try to encourage someone with an awful taste in movies to diversify their collection with this fun novelty gift.