Cheese Bucket List


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Cheese Bucket List

See how much you know your cheese with this fun novelty gift! Whether you’re a fan of your cheddar, or partial to a bit of gorgonzola, you can put your tastes to the test with the Cheese Bucket List.

This novelty gift is a bucket list of 100 different cheeses from around the world to try. The Cheese Bucket List is the perfect task for anyone who likes to try new foods and likes a challenge. Simply scratch off the cheeses you’ve had then go about setting yourself the task of trying the ones you haven?t. Whether you start on 1 or 51 cheeses down, you can be sure to discover a whole range of cheese that you didn?t know you loved!

The Cheese Bucket List is an ideal gift for anyone who likes cheese, or simply wants to be more adventurous in the kitchen. Whether theyre hugely into cheese or just like the odd slice, there’s surely more than a few they’ll like on this list of 100 different cheeses to try. This novelty gift suits all occasions, whether a birthday present for your sibling, stocking filler for your Dad or as a secret Santa present for your colleague.