Things To Do Bucket List


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Things To Do Bucket List

Say Goodbye to boredom and sitting around the house when you have the Things To Do Bucket List! Offering a wide range of goals, activities and aspirations, this bucket list will get you active and inspired to live your life to the fullest!

This fun wall chart is just what you need to introduce some more fun and excitement to your weekends. Set yourself the challenge of completing the 100 tasks on the Things To Do Bucket List, and reap the benefits as you achieve goals you hadn’t even thought of doing before! This novelty wall chart features 100 different targets and activities, and once one is completed you simply need to scratch the panel off.

The Things To Do Bucket List is the go-to birthday present or gift for any occasion if you’re looking to inspire the lucky person. Why not give this gift to that one person you know who always complains of being bored? Or, give it to someone who could do with getting out of their comfort zone more often. Whoever your give this inspirational gift to, you can be sure they’ll thank you for it once they’ve started completing the tasks and scratching off the panels!