Video Games Bucket List


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Video Games Bucket List

Find out how much of a hardcore gamer you are and discover some new playing material while you’re at it with the Video Games Bucket List.

You may spend hours of your free time playing Call of Duty or FIFA, but how many of these 100 different video games have you played in your life? The Video Games Bucket List is just what you need to broaden your horizons and become the most versatile gamer around. If you’re stuck for ideas on which game to try next, let this list of some of the world’s most popular and acclaimed games set you a challenge. Proudly display your bucket list on your wall and then scratch off a panel once you’ve completed a new game from the list. The aim of the game is to complete all 100 video games and finish your bucket list.

The perfect gift for anyone who’s console-mad, the Video Games Bucket List will go down well at any time of year. This cool gift for boys is a great way to inspire them to try new things and will keep them occupied for hours on end!