Box Set Bucket List


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Box Set Bucket List

Do you consider yourself a bit of a TV buff? With the Box Set Bucket List, you can put that theory to the test and document your progress as you binge watch some of the very best shows around.

With Netflix, Amazon Prime and NOW TV giving us more shows than we have time to watch, it’s sometimes hard to choose which ones to go for. But, with the Box Set Bucket List, you’ll have a list of some of the most popular and critically acclaimed TV shows out there. No matter if you’ve seen 1 or 51 of the shows on the list when you start, this cool and inspirational gift will help you find some of your soon-to-be favourite shows. Proudly display your bucket list on the wall as you work your way through it, scratching off a panel once you’ve finished every episode.

The Box Set Bucket List is a great gift for anyone who loves their TV and enjoys a good old binge watch. We all have that friend who recommends a new TV show every week, but how many of the classics have they seen? Put their knowledge to the test with this inspiration gift.