Dishes Bucket List


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Dishes Bucket List

Eat your way around the world with the Dishes Bucket List! Test how adventurous your taste buds really are and set your palate a round-the-world challenge.

The Dishes Bucket List features 100 different dishes to try before you die, and really separates the adventurous from the picky eaters. With a range from beef wellington and ceviche to teppanyaki and croque monsieur, this inspirational gift will give you a mouthwatering selection of ideas for your next date night or meal out. What’s more, with a number of international dishes on the menu, this thoughtful gift will definitely inspire you to travel more.

The Dishes Bucket List is sure to go down well with anyone who loves their food and is always up for trying new dishes. Alternatively, if you know someone who’s a fussy eater, the Dishes Bucket List could be your way of spicing up their culinary life and encouraging them to try new things! Whether you give this gift to inspire as a birthday present or stocking filler at Christmas, they’ll love their new set of food goals and might even invite you along to help them complete the list!


Think of yourself as a bit of a foodie? Why not grab this poster and scratch off all the dishes you’ve eaten? Work through 100 of the tastiest dishes from around the world.