Grow A New Set Of Teeth


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Don’t waste your money on trips to the dentist and expensive surgery when you can Grow a New Set of Teeth! Say goodbye to flossing and antibacterial mouthwash and hello to some serious impressed looks when you pop in these gnashers!

Dental care can be exhausting, so save time and money with these novelty teeth ? destined to garner admirers and boost your confidence. In less than 72 hours, this novelty gift grows up to six times its size, making for some seriously eye-catching chompers. They’ll slowly return to their normal size, making them the perfect funny prank to play on new audiences time and time again. So, if you don’t want to be called goofy and would rather be seen as gorgeous, then don’t hesitate to Grow a New Set of Teeth with this hilarious joke gift.

You can give this quirky gift to just about anyone, whether it’s your brother, sister, best friend, partner or co-worker. Whichever victim you choose, Grow a New Set of Teeth is sure to draw some laughs and get everyone?s teeth on show. If you’re feeling brave enough, you could even play a prank on that member of your group with questionable oral hygiene and give them this funny gift for him or her.

Place the teeth in water and watch them grow up to 600%

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Made of a sponge-like non-toxic material which expands when placed into water, and when taken out of water slowly shrinks back down to its normal size too, so this product can be used time and time again.