Grow Your Own Pair Of Balls


Place this pair in water and watch them grow up to 600%

Sometimes you just need to grow a pair! If you know exactly what i mean, then this ones for you.

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Sometimes we all need that little bit of confidence to help us take a stand or make a decision, and if that’s you, then you need ?to Grow Your Own Pair of Balls! This rude gift is exactly what the doctor ordered if you’re feeling underappreciated or that you’re being treated like a doormat. So literally grow a pair and get this funny gift for him!

Whether it’s debating asking your boss for a raise, deliberating over whether to buy that fancy sports car, or even deciding if you’ll stay for another pint, a Grow Your Own Pair of Balls can always help you make your mind up! Just place the sponge balls in water and watch them grow over 72 hours to become six times their original size. Be more assertive, assured and awesome with this rude gift!

A novelty gift for your best mate, co-worker or brother, Grow Your Own Balls is a universal joke sure to make any guy chuckle. You can even give it as a subtle hint to that mate who you never see any more on account of his new relationship. If you’re stuck for a funny gift idea for your next secret santa or stag do, then look no further than this hilarious present!

This pair of balls has the ability to grow six times its size when left submerged in water for 72 hours.

Made of a sponge-like non-toxic material which expands when placed into water, and when taken out of water slowly shrinks back down to its normal size too, so this product can be used time and time again.