Juggling Boobs


Fun, novelty, naughty gift!

These Juggling Boobs are non-toxic, gel filled latex balloons.

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Jiggle them and juggle them! These juggling boobs make a really?fun novelty gift. Great for secret Santa gifts or stocking fillers for those with a good sense of humour!

No one will think you’re a clown any more, not when get your hands on this pair on doubles C’s. And if you’re new to the world of clowning around then what better way to kick off your career then with this pair of naughty novelty juggling boobs!

The juggling boobs look and feel great and are one of the rudest gifts around. ?The naughty novelty gift has really caught my eye and i’ve not been able to look elsewhere since. They’re actually a bit of a distraction but i am certainly not complaining. The juggling boobs make me feel all warm and tingly inside. I think i’m in love!

If you offend easy, the juggling boobs are probably not for you, and you should probably move along. But if you’re a top bloke, who knows how to have a good laugh. Or you’re a beautiful women who can only wish for a pair ?boobs like these and think your boyfriend might appreciate an extra handful, then you too my friend need to get a pair of these these juggling boobs. This naughty gift is great fun for everyone.