Novelty Eye Mask – F**K OFF


When its time to sleep just let everyone to where to go with the novelty eye mask!



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Novelty Eye Mask – F**K OFF

This Novelty eye mask is for the serious sleeper. The one who doesn’t like to be disturbed. The one who gets a bit moody when sleep deprived. Do you know the one? Well this F**K OFF eye mask is for them.

Save yourself the drama, let this mask be a warning sign to those heavy footed, load speaking, door slamming, inconsiderate people. When you’re sleeping, and you love sleeping, there’s just a couple of words that will do. Wear the F**K OFF eye mask so people know to tread carefully, keep quiet or they can f**k right off!

Catch 40 winks, without being disturbed with this rude novelty F**K OFF eye mask.

This Pink Roses Novelty F**K OFF Eye Mask (because your s**t don’t stink) makes a great secret Santa gift or stocking filler.








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