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  • The Perfect Gay Best Friend -Inflatable Blow Up Doll


    Need a someone to just listen for to you for a change? Done with interruptions when you’re trying to say your piece? Then you need one of these Perfect Gay Best Friend novelty blow up dolls!

    The perfect gay best friend ?will love what you wear, and how you do your hair. Will never disagree or step out of line! This is the perfect gift for people who are just too damn cool!

  • Grow Your Own Desert Island


    Place the Desert Island in water and watch it grow up to 600%


  • Grow Your Own Mansion – Novelty Gift


    Place the Mansion in water and watch it grow up to 600%

    Fed up of reading these horror stories of how difficult it is for youngsters to get on the housing ladder. Poor little munchkins. This is a perfect gift for those struggling to get on that hypothetical ladder.

    Please note: you cant actually live in the mansion, ?but it does look pretty cool.

  • Grow Your Own Gift


    Place the gift in water and watch it grow up to 600%

    This is the perfect novelty gift, for those who are never satisfied. Let them imagine it to be what ever they wish for.

    Made of a sponge-like non-toxic material which expands when placed into water, and when taken out of water slowly shrinks back down to its normal size too, so this product can be used time and time again.

  • The Perfect Man – Inflatable Blow Up Doll


    This fun little inflatable guy is a brilliantly funny novelty Party Gift – Great accessory for Hen Parties or secret Santa Christmas gifts

    Approx Size 50cm Tall

    The Perfect Husband, Partner or Boyfriend – in a box! You cannot get better then this!

  • The Perfect Woman – Inflatable Blow Up Doll


    For men who have run out of luck with the ladies, or never had it in the first place.? This gorgeous babe has long blonde hair, big blue eyes and although she may look like a bit of on old tart she’s actually quite romantic.

    The perfect women is really just that. You wont get any unexpected credit cards bills or backchat.

    This is a great novelty gift idea and perfect secret Santa gift.

  • Grow Your Own Gay Best Friend


    Place in water and watch this gay best friend grow up to 600%

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