Classic Outdoor Playground Games With Playtime Rhymes

Classic Outdoor Playground Games With Playtime Rhymes

Playground Games (with over 50 games inside)

The perfect gift for playing outside. Let’s face it, we could all probably do with getting out more.
With these classic games you will have brilliant fun and brilliant exercise too.

Instructions included for french skipping (with 50 skipping rhymes) as well as instructions for 50 more games, including the classics like: Hot potato, British Bulldog and Hopscotch.


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Classic Outdoor Playground Games With Playtime Rhymes

Getting out and getting some exercise is important, and with Playground Games you can enjoy some seriously fun retro games while you’re at it! With hopscotch, skipping and noughts and crosses on offer, this quirky and versatile gift has everything you need to make each playtime one to remember. Not just a gift for you, but for your whole group of friends, this cool gift is exactly what you need to bring the team closer together for some good old fashioned fun!

With a 3-metre long elastic skipping rope, a book of 50 French skipping rhymes, four sticks of chalk and a book of 50 more playground games to play, the Playground Games boxset has all the ingredients for fun! So get out there and get playing, with this cool gift for kids that gets the whole gang involved.

Perfect as a cool gift for her or him, this fun boxset isn’t just a gift for the little one, but also for their classmates, neighbours and friends. They can break out their Playground Games boxset at lunchtime or on a sunny Saturday and let all their friends join in. Ideal as a stocking filler for your little monsters, or for any young relatives of yours, this fun gift will be the talk of the playground and have all the kids asking their parents for one!

3 Meter Elastic
4 Sticks of coloured Chalk
50 French Skipping Rhymes
Instructions to play 50 playground games