At, we are delighted to be introducing our new range to you – Scratch Off Bucket Lists!

These exciting new novelty gifts are for anyone and everyone who likes to collect memories and record their accomplishments. No matter what they love, you can find a gift they love when you give them a fun scratch off chart!


What are Scratch Off Bucket Lists?

These fun novelty gifts are charts that comprise a list of 100 scratchable squares. Each chart has a theme and each square equates to a popular or classic item within that category. E.g one of the squares on the Movies Bucket List is for Jurassic Park. Once you’ve watched the movie, you scratch it off the list to mark it as complete then move onto the next one.

The aim of the game is to watch/consume/experience every classic item on your Bucket List and scratch them off one at a time.


What types of Scratch Off Bucket Lists are there?

With a range of over 15 Bucket Lists to choose from, there truly is something for everyone. Whether you’re a fan of movies, books, boxsets or video games, there is a Bucket List that’s perfect for you. These make the ideal gifts for just about anyone, as you can pick a category you know the lucky recipient loves and embrace that in your gift.

As well as media categories, you’ll also find a number of Bucket Lists for those who love to taste their way around the world. The Dishes Bucket List will let them put to the test just how adventurous their appetite is, while the Beers Bucket List is one that we all know a good home for.

Alternatively, those with a more sophisticated pallet for alcohol might appreciate a Gin Bucket List or a Whiskey Bucket List.

Those who are more active would surely enjoy the Yoga Poses List, while you could even give a naughtier gift for those with a more experimental side with the Kama Sutra Bucket List.

Finally, we all know someone with a bit of wanderlust, so why not celebrate that and challenge them to live out their dreams to the fullest with the Bucket List of Places?


No matter whose birthday, anniversary or celebration it is, you’ll surely find the perfect gift when you choose from our exciting range of Scratch Off Bucket Lists. Embrace their tastes or encourage a new one with these addictive scratch off charts. Once they scratch off just a few squares, they’ll be dying to complete the rest and finish their chart. So, show them that you know them, and celebrate their hobbies with one of these fun and creative novelty gifts.