Kitchen Conversions Notebook and Pen


Kitchen Conversions Notebook and Pen

The kitchen conversions notebook is a handy little piece in the kitchen. The brown notebook and pen set is great to jot down recipes, shopping lists or what time you put the dinner on, but definitely keep it close by and get to know the metric that get the kitchen moving. Become an expert in the kitchen with Kitchen conversion charts. It’s important and handy and sometimes we need a little guidance in the kitchen and that’s absolutely fine.


l: 14.5cm
W: 1cm

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Enjoy a helping hand with the Kitchen Conversions Notebook and Pen. This convenient companion makes life just that little bit easier when it comes to making sure your dish is cooked to perfection. You’ll feel like you’ve won the Great British Bake Off as you breeze through your baking with zero measurement complications.

This cool kitchenware gift features the metric and imperial conversions of every measurement you’ll need in the kitchen. Saving you time, as well as stress, the Kitchen Conversions Notebook and Pen will become your best friend in baking. Especially when you can write down your own recipes, tips and tricks inside this handy little notebook. Make sure your souffl? rises to perfection, and that your cakes are extra sweet when you use this helpful kitchenware present.

An ideal mothers day present for your beloved mum, this cool gift is also the perfect way to break the ice with your new neighbours as a housewarming gift that’ll surely impress. Whether it’s for dad, mum, your best friend or your cake-mad co-worker, the Kitchen Conversions Notebook and Pen is guaranteed to be appreciated by anyone who’s ever wondered how many grams are in an ounce, or how much 1/4 of a teaspoon really is!

The metric system can get so confusing! Wouldn’t it be simpler if the whole world used the same metric? Unfortunately life is never so simple so this handy little conversions notebook and pen is the perfect gift for newbies in the kitchen who sometimes get a bit confused or those who aren’t sure about their pints and ounces.

The kitchen conversion notebook is the perfect aid in the kitchen. The kitchen conversions show a variety of different measurements from:

Dry measures – Ounces to Pounds

Liquid Measures – Pints, Cups and Fluid Ounces

Temperatures ?-Celsius and Fahrenheit

The conversions notebook is a simple gift idea and great for those who love baking. The kitchen conversions notebook will definitely come in handy to the wannabe bake off bunch and you will soon know exactly how many cups make an ounce. You will never feel confused in the kitchen again with the handy notebook.