Live Love Laugh – East Of India Paper Tape


10 Metre Length

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The East of India Live Love Laugh Tape is destined to elevate any gift to the coolest present in the room. Embrace that famous of sayings ?Live Love Laugh? when you wrap up your next gift with this stylish wrapping tape.

Trendy and chic, this wrapping tape is the perfect addition to any gift, large or small. Join wrapping paper together, stick on a gift tag or just decorate the present with the East of India Live Love Laugh Tape. What better present than the gift of happiness? Go one step further when you wrap your gift with this wrapping tape, adorned with the famous mantra. Sure to crack a few bright smiles in the room, you’ll encourage positive feelings and vibes when you brighten up your present with this novelty gift tape.

Perfect for all seasons, this inspirational wrapping tape can be used all year round and for all occasions. Whether it’s your loved one, your best friend, your mum or your kooky colleague, they’ll appreciate their gift even more when it’s wrapped up using the East of India Live Love Laugh Tape.